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Your Inner Dialogue Creates Your World

Keep in mind the way you talk to yourself is the driving force behind all of your motivation and ambitions. 

If I’m telling myself I can, then I will find a way.

If I’m telling myself I can’t, then I will not have enough power to generate a positive outcome.

What you tell yourself creates a ripple effect within you that resonates all the way down to your deepest most hidden feelings, and then out to your world.


Know that your inner dialogue has the potential to propel you forward, or to hold you back. It can bring forward amazing, almost magical solutions to problems, or it can create more problems and challenges along the way. Your feelings are generated by your thoughts, the very thoughts you entertain and the ideas/beliefs you accept to be true or false. 

Isn’t time you talk to yourself in the same way you would a dear friend or loved one? If you wanted a friend to hear you and take your advice would you talk down to them, or belittle them? The same is true for your own self talk. When you begin to change your inner dialogue, you will change your feelings about yourself. 

How others see you is directly related to how you see yourself. When you change your inner dialogue, you create a positive relationship with yourself that has the potential to create lasting changes in every area of your life. 

Your inner dialogue could be the solution to your current challenges. The phrase I like to think in my head when something unexpected happens or isn't going as planned, "Everything is always working out for me".

Begin now on this very day to show yourself compassion and kindness, establish a positive relationship with the one person that can change everything. That one person is you. 

You have the power to change your life by changing your dialogue with self. Fill your name in each of the blanks below.

I Am _________. I Am _________'s Friend. I Am ________'s Spirit. I Am _________'s Soul. I Am __________'s Awareness. I Am _________, my inner voice is my friend. I open to the power of transformation. I call to me the benefits and the changes of this transformation to know myself as a friend and to choose the dialogue that expresses it as so, Now! I Am Light through this intention. Light I Am Light!

When you state the above what you are doing is you are sending the energies to that place within you, you are sending the energies to that knowing and requiring it to be healed in the manifestation of the Source energy YOU truly are. And to do this requires your willingness and your faith, because if you do it as a mantra but you do not believe it, you will have said some words, but you will have not made a statement of truth. 

Open yourself with faith, you deserve it. Time for You to believe in YOU!

May you be highly favored, deeply loved, fully blessed and know that YOU already are.

All my love.


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