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Feel, Breathe, Pause, Trust and Expand

We are in this together. We have all experienced grief in one form or another in these past few weeks. We’ve experienced and will continue to experience ups and downs with this pandemic.

The world as we know it has changed in the last month and will continue to change. None of us know for sure what the outcome will be. Spirit asks us to look at what is going on as Expansion. Our entire species is beginning to collectively learn how to live differently, a

ll at one time. (And it is happening rapidly.) Embracing our current experiences without attachment will help us move up into the higher levels of awareness.

Every experience you have had is part of your individual expansion. This is part of that expansion. It is time to be in the present yet remember what you have gone through to become who you are today. Instead of judging your experiences as something that went wrong, you are being asked to embrace it. Embrace the moment with compassion, not from a place of fear, but from what it is teaching you individually, and as a collective.

Spirit is acknowledging that we have all had our fair share of challenges. Yes, it has taken a toll on our body, mind and spirit at times, but it is also time to shift our awareness with regards to our experiences in this moment. Wrap it in compassion, bless it, send love, because it is a part of our evolution, our growth and our greater understanding of ourselves and those around us.

It is not black or white, the way the mind tries to convince us it is, and it is not all bad, nor is it all good.

Somewhere between the good and the bad, is a staircase that you get to climb each time you choose to embrace your experience. Each time you choose to climb, you rise up levels of awareness, through mind, body and spirit. Each time you stay in the moment and accept your circumstances, integrate them, learn from them, and choose something new you climb once again! Keep climbing up the stairs into higher levels of awareness and, what once seemed like a bad experience, will become enlightened with wisdom and compassion. It will become a catalyst for greater awareness and inner transformation.

You have nowhere to go but up, once you embrace your experience.

It’s time to release those limiting beliefs so that you can experience more happiness in your life.

On this day, I choose the right to see in a new way. I choose the right to perceive my world in a new way. I choose to clear all old limiting beliefs that hold me back from my True Self as Spirit living in human form.

I trust in the highest good of all both male and female.

We are never alone my friends of that you can count on.

Holding us all in the Light.

May we all be highly favored, deeply loved and fully blessed.

All my love.


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