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You are the Great Awakening

This is a time of great awakening, a time to begin to know who you are and what you desire. Awakening is called awakening for a reason; our consciousness is waking up. We are becoming greatly self-aware and conscious in what is otherwise an unconscious world. This process is showing us where we are out of alignment with our highest good. This time is forcing each of us back into alignment with the earth, with nature and with ourselves. At its very core this awakening is a realignment with your natural state of being. Your true natural resonance. My deepest desire is for you to find life much easier than you think it is. That you harness the magic of life, and experience life to its fullest. As you come to understand yourself, and as you align with this new resonance, you live it boldly.

You are meant to have an amazing life!

You are meant to have everything you love and desire.

Your work is meant to be exciting.

You are meant to accomplish all the things you would love to accomplish.

Your relationships with family and friends are meant to be filled with happiness.

You are meant to have all the money you require to live a wonderfully full life.

You are meant to be living your deepest desires, and dreams – every single one of them.

If you have a desire to travel, you are meant to travel. If you have a desire to start a business, you are meant to start that business. If you have a deep feeling within to learn to dance, to sail a boat, or to speak Greek, you are meant to do all those things. If you have a desire within you to be a painter, a scientist, a parent, a performer, or whatever it is you would love to be, you are meant to be it!

When you wake up each day, there should be a feeling of excitement because you know this day is going to be full of wonderful things. You are meant to feel good about yourself and know you are invaluably worthy. You’re meant to feel safe and strong every moment of the day. Your life is meant to be filled with laughter and joy. Of course, there will be challenges in your life, and you are meant to have those too. Because they help you grow. But most of all you are meant to know how to overcome those problems and challenges in life.

You are meant to be triumphant over your life!

You are meant to be happy!

You are meant to live an amazing life!

You were not born to live a life of struggle, and you were not born to have a life where the moments of joy are few and far between. You were not born to toil in your work for five days a week, with fleeting moments of happiness on weekends. You were not born to live limited in any way. No limits in energy or feeling exhausted at the end of the day. You were not born to worry or to be afraid. You were not born to suffer at all. You are meant to experience life to it fullest and have everything you desire, to be filled with joy, love, excitement and health. Because that is what alignment with this amazing experience we know as life is fully capable of giving back to you.

The power to possess everything you long for, all your desires, all that you love, is there in the alignment with your true nature. For the next several months we are going to explore that incredible self that is you, your life and the universe and how it all plays together.

For now, know you are worthy and deserving of every dream that vibrates in your heart.

Whatever I have been, whatever I have done, whatever I have known myself as, all the things I have worried about and carried on my shoulders, everything that is, I lift into the light.

I see my history; I see who I have known myself to be and I lift that version of myself to the light. I lift the vision of my past life all that I dream and desire for the future into the light.

I release myself from all judgement and actions from the past. I see myself with new eyes as I am Divine. I perceive myself in the highest level of love.

I call back to me, my spirit, my soul, my consciousness, my awareness. I stand in alignment with all the joy of my desires, laughter of my soul fill me, my heart guides me. I Am ______ (say your name), I Am now openly willing alignment with my true nature as I lift all else into the light.

So it is! Amen!

Awakening is the realignment back to your natural state of being. Some things that never bothered you in the past may now be intolerable. As you become more present and alive you will notice your own energetic field has become incredibly powerful. Your natural state of your energetic power has been suppressed, so the auto pilot that many have been functioning on is no longer tolerable. When things feel overwhelming, tap back into the energetic signature that is your true nature and take a deep breath, then visualize how you would like to see whatever has presented itself differently.

Remember, you are not the victim unless you imagine yourself that way. You are also not alone; you are surrounded by angels and guides that can and will assist you with a simple request for them to do so.

Holding us all in the Light.

May we all be highly favored, deeply loved, fully blessed and know that we already are.

All my love.


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