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What are you creating?

Things are a little sticky for all of us right now and its time to really take notice of our feelings concerning security, especially in relation to material security and how it shows up.

There is an overall stress about well-being physical and material. There also seems to be fears and worries surfacing about being excluded or left out, be aware these only add to your deteriorating energetic state. Several are going through this process with you and its time to step back into your personal power and into the flow of abundance. Abundance is your birthright!

Instead of worry, find your hunger for positivity. It’s there just waiting for you to take it up and pull it into your energy field. There are new possibilities and opportunities in your current circumstances just waiting for you to see them and take hold of them. It’s sort of like taking hold of your dragon’s tail. Once you do the magic begins.

Don’t allow your inner voice to spew out unnecessary mental and energetic chatter that disturbs your wonderful reality that is in the making. Instead ask your Ego to be quiet, be good and ask your Angels and Guides to move you in the direction of your highest good. They are just waiting for the requests to flow from your lips.

In the meantime, be mindful of thoughts and feelings of self-pity and helplessness. Don’t let it dictate who you are and what your lot is in life. Because regardless of the situation in life right now, there is always an opportunity to move past your current limitations.

It is up to you. You, My Friend, can decide to see things differently and to work towards a more vibrant, prosperous and luminous life.

You, My Friend, are not locked out of that which you most desire. It is right there; you just need to flip your perspective and see the pathway that will help you get there; and then choose to take it!

It has been there all the while waiting for you to step upon it.

I intend, I choose to have clarity about my inner most desires, help me to know my inner most desires. I give you permission to move me in the direction of my highest good for the Best Solutions.

Ask yourself, what story are you holding on to that you might like to let go of? Take a few minutes and rewrite that story now.

You deserve it! You are worthy of it!

All my love, My Friend,


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