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My heart felt desire is to bring you into a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

"I would highly recommend Gwen. After years of therapy, I switched gears and began to work with Gwen on an energetic and soul level. Because of her, I have a new life. This new life includes repaired relationships with others, repaired relationship with self and a new confidence in my abilities. Which in turn has given me a business that is growing and a good life".

- K. Morris

"Gwen Cupples has the unique ability to assist her clients with discernment and the mechanics of deconstructing blockages and energy draining habits or emotions. After having worked with many different type of modality's and gifted healers Gwen's unflinching attention to detail and compassion is a refreshing and extremely helpful gift. Her process combine intuition, metaphysics and the thing that cannot be readily explained to help others in this journey call Life".

-S. Williams

“When Gwen vocalized low tones, although they weren't loud I felt the sound-waves physically in my body, similar to the sensation of sitting on a large speaker. As the tones got higher in frequency, the physical sensation changed from a generalized feeling to a more concentrated vibration in m heart and throat which felt light and euphoric. I left with a wonderful sense of peace and well-being."

-M. Brophy

“Gwen is amazing and it's a blessing to all of us that she shares her gifts with no judgement, but with love, friendship, and a complete dedication to healing. She has the ability to change your life".

-L. Giniusz

"Gwen is a wonderful, multi-talented energy worker. Her sessions are full of clarity, healing, love, and support. I loved her insights and light language which sounds like a beautiful ethereal song. I did a remote session with her and could feel the effect on my body--releasing, calming and energizing".

-M. Alegre

"My journey with Gwen was a life-changing experience."

- S. Mason

"I contacted Gwen with sever back pain after the chiropractor suggested I see a surgeon. I have to admit, I had my doubts. I told myself to be open to whatever healing I could receive. The immediate effects were complete relaxation and an opportunity to clear my mind of the daily grind. Within a few sessions I was completely better and back to work! No more pain what-so-ever! Gwen truly is a vessel for God to heal people! Call her. Discuss your needs with her. Be open to the healing you deserve and then...look out"!

-D. Slater

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