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A Gallery is a community gathering guided by My Guides, Source Song.

It is fun and enlightening to come together as a group, a circle of people that connect to allow a collective and personal messages while also sharing in a download of frequencies with Light Language.

Each gathering is different largely based on who is in attendance. When a title is posted My Guides have a specific purpose for the gathering.

Gatherings always include a guided meditation/hypnosis with light language to bring about healing shifts energetically and consciously.

What is Light Language? Its a way for My Guides via my soul to speak directly to your soul. While we may not understand this language on a conscious level. It is a language that transcends words. There is healing, love and activations that come through these sounds. Everyone that attends feels this language in the heart and soul.

Join Us for Becoming Light

Friday, April 23rd, 2021

8:00 pm Eastern

Healing Happens Here

$22 - 33 Donations Investment


A group gathering with Source Song includes sharing of wisdom, light language and guided healing mediation.