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Pondering Duality

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I thought I had my newsletter almost finished, but my guides woke me up this morning giving me this message on duality.

Duality creates separation and anything that creates separation kicks us farther out from the goal of uniting with our True God Self.

The so-called "negative energy" that one senses as one shifts into the heightened levels of awareness takes on the coloration of one's perception of the types of images one is creating in one's life. The knowing that All Life is One Essence begins to permeate one's consciousness. One chooses to see with great joy, the selections calculated to reflect one's highest vision of oneself. When One brings an awareness of other kinds of imagery with the detached energy of nonjudgement that does not empower nor disempowered, but rather allows the image to simply be, within the context of your own awareness.

It would seem duality is a belief in separation. Any belief positive or negative creates separation from the True God Self. True Unity begins from within. It is an empowered state of being within, that creates interactions or connections from mutual equality rather than deception, greed or any methods of overpowering. Separation is merely subtle information of self that distorts or disharmonizes the flow of information within. This can create an experience of confusion, fear or pain to name a few. It never truly disconnects.

Absolute separation cannot occur. The work then is to reconnect the aspects of oneself that have been “separated” because of the perceived illusion of fear and denial.

It is possible that separation has become an addiction. Many are not aware of or in control of choices because the denial of the unconscious is strong. The power of our subtle bridge to Unity is often misunderstood.

As we learn to work with the rules of the subtle realm, in addition to the rules of the physical realm—where we are most practiced because of our physical sensations and senses; we lean into our natural multidimensionality. We begin to balance both the physical and non-physical. The non-physical being our consciousness (thoughts and emotions), frequency and choices. All three of these have to be aligned in the same vibration to manifest a new reality into the full flow of creation, which is the engine of Unity. When we utilize both the physical and the non-physical, we don’t polarize from one or the other; we neutralize into connection of both creating new form. That new form being most importantly a new understanding of the True Self.

I call in all Celestial Beings of light that work with and around me.

Please locate the origin of the feelings, beliefs, and thoughts that keep me from knowing truly the magnificence of my true self and living in its full expression. I open to receive it in its entirety. I willingly and freely open to receive my true self into this physical form. I release any programs, blocks, emotions that would inhibit my full potential for awakened consciousness and vibrant health. I know myself my true self.  I ACKNOWLEDGE MY TRUE SELF. I give myself permission to reprogram my deepest truth in all areas of my being.

As I transcribe this message from my guides for you, I realize it is also a lesson for me. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

All my love,


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