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Happy New Year! Time to plant new seed.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

While listening to River of Mist, my friend Kristin Clark's new music CD, I was completely and totally aware that this moment in time is only a fraction of our existence.

This life we know in this moment is just a fraction of what there is, will be, has been and can be. As we head into this New Year, let go of the past, and most certainly any beliefs from the old paradigm that life is supposed to be hard. Release the ego and the unhealed wounds that may have shown themselves during the end of 2019. Surrender to the knowing that this fraction of time is just that. A small portion of what your life is and can be. Let's look into the future a moment at a time, with joy, love and fun in our hearts. Plant the new seed for what is to come.

In the time it takes to read this newsletter you can plant that new seed for your life. Let go of the old, broadly accepted illusion of the old paradigm that struggle is necessary for success. Some believe that the struggle is not only necessary, but makes the success that much sweeter. Release that old belief that the harder the road before you makes you appreciate things so much more when you get them.

Take a moment and think about it, if you are creating from struggle and strain, are you not placing that energy into that which you're creating? Creating through challenge, struggle, and pain means that no matter how magical your work is, it holds the energetic vibration of that constricted space.

Wouldn’t it be better to create from a place of ease, trusting in the multidimensional abundance and flow of the joy brought about from following your passion creating in ease from a heart centered space?

Let's plant this new seed.

I Am My already abundant high vibrational self, and I dive into the magic of 2020. I align myself with the frequency of this new knowledge that anything is possible. I reclaim my power and my ability to perceive those structures I have known as permanent in a new way, and I align to my freedom to experience success in life in ease, love, joy and grace. I am meant to live in a space of abundance, creativity, inspired action and joy. I now choose to daringly follow the magic before me.

Keep in mind the measure of importance you attribute to a particular theme or situation is directly proportionate to the degree of repetition you can anticipate as your life experience.

Happy New Year, my friends. Let's make the most of this leap year before us.

Blessings of all that is good and magical in life.

All my love,


The inspiration for this newsletter came from River of Mist click here for a sample.

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