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Opening the Heart

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

When you are loving self, being in integrity with yourself and being centered in who you are, your world opens up to new heights.

A few weeks ago I had an amazing experience surrounding ... loving me and speaking my truth with my partner.

In this lesson of loving myself, the experience of feeling my feelings and speaking my truth opened my heart chakra in a way I couldn't have expected. In that moment the energy and the feeling of that heart opening was palpable and it radiated my entire energy field.

To be honest, being as sensitive as I am, I was surprisingly overwhelmed as I sat in wonder and awe, thinking, "Is this energy I'm feeling my heart or my partner's heart?"

In that moment I had a deep awareness that at some time in my life someone somewhere didn't listen to my heart, made light of my heart's expression, couldn't hear my heartfelt desire for what I needed, and as a result I stopped listening to my heart, too. It became easier to not listen to the calling of my heart and live life shut down rather than opening to and feeling the wounds of not being heard. In many areas I have been very functional, even supremely successful, as I've moved through life with a heart that had walls up around loving myself.

After all these years of meditation training in multiple healing modalities and self-work, I fail to see that my sub-conscious had chosen to close off a deeper hidden expression of self-hatred. That part of me that wasn't like everyone else, that was mocked for having feelings and emotions, that made others feel uncomfortable.

That voice of the discounting, or belittling grown-up, or some other loved one, remained. As a consequence, I had been subconsciously following the dictates of a ghost. Punishing self, denying self, and discounting self.

The idea that you can fight such a force within by simply acknowledging, feeling, and speaking those thoughts and feelings from the heart may seem difficult, but it's really not. It is getting to that part of yourself where you can usher out the warden that holds the heart prisoner.

It doesn't matter that Mommy, Daddy, your siblings, your lover, your teachers, or whomever else, did not value your thoughts, dreams, and feelings. Source values them. It's time for you to start thinking like Source whenever you think about anything, including loving yourself.

On this day, I choose to align to the Spirit that lives within my heart, the part of me that honors myself. I open to my inner self. Show me how to listen to myself; show me how to speak my truth. I choose to program my mind to know its true self, so that I may at last be free. I release the wardens that have held my heart captive, and that I might know all the goodness of life. So it is!

Before having this experience I saw that I had these hidden ghosts, and I had begun working on myself by creating a series of hypnotic meditation scripts to assist in moving through the subconscious wardens that had dictated my thoughts, feelings and abilities to love self. If you  would like to experience this process click here to book an appointment.

Much love,


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