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Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Merry Christmas my friend.

This morning, after meditation, and while sipping my tea wit Copper {my sweet doggie) sitting in my lap, the following information came in with a sensing this was to be my December newsletter.

The fact is, you are no longer in the same world you were born into. You just think you are. Please, do not limit yourself by concluding you are who you have always been. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are the embodiment of change itself, and your acceptance of the fluidity of this truth about the foundation of your reality is your best tool for coping with the changes that continue to flow into your life.

Your willingness to adopt the trusting innocence and childlike enthusiasm that you were gifted with in the beginning of this incarnation will help you to transcend the conditioning embedded by the beliefs and programming picked up through this lifetime experience.

Open yourself with this trusting innocence as the finale of 2019 comes to a close, with a huge wave of ascension energy flowing in during this upcoming holiday heralding big opportunities for spiritual growth.  There will be challenges and trials, but this trusting, higher light awareness will enable you to rise above them. You will sense a coming together and completion with interwoven themes that have characterized this past year of ascension growth. You will see, though, that for some the significance in the essence of the drama this past year has brought on will be subtle. You may have the experience of mentally reliving those old stories of your life - from the vantage point of an overview. You will experience a sense of detachment from those circumstances and at the same time a sense of resolution of the theme underlying them.

You will realize fully how very far you have come. Carry with you into this holiday season a reminder these three states must align to manifest the world you so desire.

♦ Your conscious awareness

♦ Your energetic frequency

♦ Your choices

You are amazing, and may you know you are blessed. Take a few moments everyday to sit quietly and visualize yourself as blessed in whatever form that may look like to you.

On this day:

I choose to open myself to receive this new higher light state of being; 

I choose to align my frequency to this conscious awareness;

I open my mind to choosing the choices that lead to the outcome of my highest desires;

I witness all things before me as in transformation;

I witness all things before me as in healed;

I witness I Am Already in a new way of being the expression of my True Self.

My already abundant (you fill in the blank) self.

Word I am Word thru this intention.

Word I Am Word.

~A Blessing Game~

Here's a little blessing game that you may find helpful during the holidays as well as other times and very rewarding. People only behave badly because they are hurting, feeling separate or don’t feel worthy, comfortable or confident. Let go of your thoughts of judging them (it doesn't serve the truth of who you are). It's a simple decision to stop judging them. Instead start to wonder what they need to make them feel happy, and then bless them with that quality.  You can do this mentally or you can ask the angels to work through you by sending the qualities they need in a golden light. For example, if someone is sarcastic, they are usually feeling vulnerable and are trying to keep people away from hurting them.  Bless them with love and self-worth and visualize them feeling safe and loving.

If someone keeps complaining they don’t have any money, bless them with abundance and picture them being showered with plenty. While doing this blessing game remember that everything you send out comes back to you multiplied by 10.

All my love and blessings for the highest good in your world.

Happy Holidays my friend,


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